Sunday, November 15, 2015

surat cinta

ku harap kau akan menyebut namaku
detik ku rindu
saat ku baca surat mu
hidupkanlah hatiku ini selalu
dengan kalimah mu
kalimah cinta teragung

telah ku terima surat mu
yang telah kau utus dahulu
ayat-ayat cinta dari cahaya mu
sesegar bumi syurga hatiku


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

just memories


new chapter begin for my life...
lastly, i can tell my mom everything..
actually, its hard at first when my mom asking..
but..i have to..

so, mama...that's the end for my chapter..
just pray for me mama..
that i will get a person that are really sincere..
accept me for who i am..

its a little bit hurt..
but...of coz i can go through it..
because Allah has planned everything..

thank for "u" who give me some experience..

hope u will find your own happiness..
even u never told me everything by yourself..
but i've already knew about it..

tank u one more time..=))
keep smiling..